Accreditation: BS EN -13598
Compliance to BS EN 13598-1:2010

The following stringent tests are carried out on all Polydrain Civils products so that they comply with Plastic piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewage- Polypropylene BS EN 13598-1:2010 This gives our Customers full assurance in our safe and durable products which they receive:
• Stiffness of riser shaft to EN14982 tested by BSI.
• Resistance to vertical loading to clause 4 of EN1253-2:2003 tested by BSI.
• Resistance to internal pressure to BS EN1852-1 clause 5.4 (ref: ISO 1167) tested by BSI.
• Mechanical strength of saddle to pipe to EN12256 Annex B tested by BSI.
• Tightness of elastomeric sealing ring joints to pipe to EN1277:2003 condition B tested by BSI.
• Elevated temperature cycling to BS EN ISO 13257: 2017 tested by BSI.
• Shear resistance to EN295-3:1991 clause 18 tested by BSI.
• Determination of oxidation induction time -OIT to EN728 tested by BSI.
• Determination of the melt flow rate - MFR to EN ISO1133 tested by BSI.
• Load classification to BS EN 124 tested by Lloyds British.

Stringent In house testing is also carried out and consists of:
• 100% visual inspection of every manufactured product.
• Each batch dimensionally inspected to works Instructions and Engineering drawings.
• Each batch Water tested for leak tightness in accordance with EN1053.
• Our 320mm, 450mm and 160mm bases all Vacuum tested for pressure tightness to EN14830.
• Full batch traceability of documents are controlled and retained.

Polydrain Civils are proud to supply their BS EN 13598-1:2010 Certificate below.
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