Pipe Lubricant
Environmentally friendly vegetable oil, soap-based pipe jointing lubricant
Pipe Lubricant
Product Information:
Polydrain Pipe Lubricant is an environmentally friendly vegetable oil soap-based pipe jointing lubricant with universal applications. Specially formulated for jointing water pipes and is WRAS approved. This means that it is safe to use when jointing drinking water pipes.

Available Sizes: Polydrain Pipe Lubricant is available in both 1KG and 2.5KG options.

Features & Benefits
- Suitable for lubricating all types of pipe material including clay, concrete and plastic land drains and ductile iron.

- Compatible with all seal materials such as EPDM, NBR, SBR, NR, CR with no ‘seal swell’.

- Water soluble and non-toxic, fully biodegradable.

- Excess material washes easily and safely away with water.

- WRAS approved for safe use in contact with potable (drinking) water.

- Conforms to BS 6920 “Items which have passed full tests of effect on water quality”. Approval No. 1102514.


- Appearance: Brown Gel

- Odur: Characteristic odur

- pH: 10.0 Typical

- Specific Gravity @ 20˚C: 1.02 +/- 0.02

- Soap Content: 28% min

- Free Caustic Alkali: 0.5% max

- Total Free Alkali: 0.5% max

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