Why Work For Us?
I will then write up about opportunities and why we can develop individual’s.
Headline about Why Work For Us and how to go about applying referring back to the careers page.
Polydrain Civils Ltd is a leading supplier of specialist plastic drainage components for the construction and drainage sector. In order to continue our success, we need to maintain a stable and reliable workforce by recruiting and retaining the right people. Our aim is to foster a company-wide team spirit and identity, with regular and meaningful communication to build a team to be proud of, and to ensure that a thorough personal development programme is in operation across the workforce.
We encourage the success and progression of all our people, and look to provide new skills to help build on our existing reputation and move the business forward. It is our employees who will ensure that our success is sustainable, through their involvement, supporting each other and being flexible and responsive to the demands of our customers and the marketplace.
Visit Our Careers Page for current vacancies and career opportunities.
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